A Bonny Barbie Doll

I think I was a bit scared of Barbie when I was a little girl. I loved my Sindy doll with her girl next door face and fairly ordinary clothes and I never really noticed her shape. Perhaps I felt that Barbie was out of my league with her glamorous ways, or maybe I was jealous of her but I never wanted one!

Its interesting to see that they have produced these new body positive versions in various shapes, sizes and colours, I wonder how children will relate to them? Are they more likely to be drawn towards a doll that is of a similar body shape to themselves or would they hanker after the most traditionally ‘perfect’ one regardless?

I’m all for promoting the fact that there are many kinds of normal, its extremely important for children to feel confident with their body type. But if I were buying a Barbie as a present for a young person which would I pick? I don’t think I could possibly choose for example, a curvier doll for a child who was a little chubby, for fear of scarring them for life and insulting their whole family!

So I wonder how well these dolls will sell…I hope I’m proved wrong but my guess is that consumers will still go for the standard skinny ones and the curvier ones will be left on the shelf!