Are You A Slave To Your Feet?

© Patsy Fox – the antithesis of the comfortable shoe

(By Pip)

When I was a girl I would sometimes hear ‘old’ people complain that they were slaves to their feet. “What a silly thing to say” I used to think, not having a clue what they meant by the phrase – sadly I do now! Like many people I have foot problems that restrict the kind of shoes I can wear but am not ready for grandma shoes just yet…

You know the type: sensible, roomy, with buckles or laces to keep your foot firmly in place, and usually beige!  In short, boring and downright ugly.

For years a shoe shopping trip would frequently reduce me to tears and I remember one particularly inglorious Christmas (just before my first foot surgery) when all I could wear over the festive period were men’s walking sandals and thick socks!

But then I discovered Fitflops and suddenly a whole world of funky, colourful yet comfortable shoes lay at my feet (pardon the pun)! At upwards of £80 a pop, they are more than I was accustomed to paying for a pair of shoes but I guess you can’t put a price on comfort. However, it seems that all of Fitflop’s rivals are similarly priced and knowing that this brand works for me, I’m scared of risking the best part of £100 experimenting with something different so until someone can guarantee me pain-free footwear I’m sticking with my favourite yellow Fitflops.


About Shoes


(By Liza)

My grandmother once said that you can tell how well a persons shoes fit by the state of their face. I think this is very true. There is nothing worse than having to cope with shoes that are causing pain, it can ruin your day or night!

I’ve never been able to wear those stilt like heels but I’m actually finding that the more ‘sensible’ options are becoming a necessity. Comfort is definitely playing more of a role in my choice! I honestly think my feet have got middle age spread like the rest of me unfortunately! Although my daughter says I have always had fat feet, but I try not to dwell on that!

Most people I know love a new pair of shoes, and it’s a great comfort if you’re out on a shopping spree and having body image issues in the changing rooms. Go to a shoe shop and try on some shoes, it can make the day a whole lot better, after all one has to go home with something!

I think the shoe designers are finally catching on to the idea that 20 inch stilettos are not to everyone’s taste and are designing lower, more comfortable ones that are still stylish and individual.

I discovered Fit flops a few years ago while trawling through websites and now friends and family swear by them just like I do. But I would like to see a wider variety of designs from them as well as all the old favourites.

Another great company is Wolky, a company originating in the Netherlands. The shoes are SO comfortable, the kind that you can put on new and wear them all day with no pain! I don’t know why I’m advertising these businesses there is nothing in it for me, but I’m trying to be useful!

I would love to hear from anyone who can recommend some other shoe companies for those of us who don’t want to walk around with a face full of agony but still like to show a little individuality on our feet!