Should Men Dye Their Greying Hair?


By Liza
I recently read an article about a man who started to go grey in his twenties and how much anguish it had caused him. He hid it from everyone he knew for years by dyeing his hair until one day he decided it was too much hassle and stopped, even though he hated the natural colour. It got me thinking that you rarely see a man having his hair coloured when you’re in the hairdressers. So I asked a few of my male friends how they felt about going grey and dyeing their hair.

My partner (who’s hair has only just started going grey) believes that as a man he would rather go grey gracefully and wouldn’t even give colouring a second thought. His opinion is that an older man with jet black or brown hair, would look unnatural and a bit strange. I know what he means. But is that just bad hair dressing or is it a fact that it is harder for men to disguise their greying hair than women?

One male friend I spoke to said that it had severely knocked his confidence when his hair started changing colour, it made him feel old and unattractive, but he didn’t feel it was right as a man, to dye it, that it was ‘unmanly’ to mess with hair colour.

When I discussed the subject at work with some male colleagues, one of them said that he started by pulling the grey hairs out because he was embarrassed, but there came a point where he couldn’t keep up with them and he briefly thought about dyeing it but decided that he could live with it as it was, although he did feel a little self conscious about it.

So even though women often complain that its considered letting themselves go if they leave their hair to go grey naturally and that men are considered dashing or suave as their hair changes colour, perhaps we should bear in mind that men do have similar insecurities and hang ups as us women about ageing and their appearance and that maybe in some situations it’s more difficult for them to do something about it!


2 thoughts on “Should Men Dye Their Greying Hair?

  1. There’s something just ‘not right’ about men with dyed hair.
    There aren’t that many that can pull it off.
    Bowie of course could, because he always had different coloured hair (and was just perfect at all times).
    To me, it’s like them wearing foundation, or make up.
    I think it’s a feminine thing….it’s a kind of ‘make up’ that women suit and men don’t.
    I couldn’t actually go out with a man who dyed his hair and I feel so let down when men or actors who I admire start doing it for example Robin Williams, before he sadly died was doing all sorts of strange things to his hair.
    Ricky Gervais, stop it at once…you should know better and so should the likes of Mike Myers.
    What I don’t understand is, some of these actors/ musicians must have enough money to get a private hairdresser who can do the job properly, like a woman has hers done, but no…it always has to be shade of shed.


    1. Thank you sarah for your interesting comments – I know what you mean about the ‘shed head’ look! I do think that men probably feel a bit awkward about dyeing their hair for the very reasons you have given.


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