What Annoys Me At Airports


(By Liza) When I was a little girl we were lucky enough to go on many family holidays and part of the excitement was going through the airports. My mother would lovingly make new dresses  in some quirky fabric for us three girls and we would all look cute and immaculate as we passed through the security and wandered around the airport shops.

These days we are treated to gangs of beach ready tourists in their flip flops and plastic panama hats, the girls with their heavily pencilled- in eyebrows and their ill-applied fake tans already rubbing off on their barely there white see-through shorts. Wait until you get to the beach before you show so much flesh please, there’s no sunbathing to be done in the bloody airport! I don’t understand why you would dress that way to travel, it’s just not practical and looks horrific!

Then there are the whole families in their tracksuit bottoms, slobbing around the airport cafes eating massive fry ups and drinking pint after pint of lager at 7 am, what are you doing? Its no wonder we Brits have such a bad reputation for style or class .

And why does my case always weigh more at the check in desk than it did at home? There’s got to be something dodgy going on there!

And another thing, why do you panic me  when I’m looking for the flight information? In the blink of an eye the screen goes from awaiting further info to gate closing and then that gate is 10 miles away. Plus when you get to it, there are no toilets and absolutely no sign of anyone actually boarding, just crowds of people hovering as closely as they can to the barrier just so they can be the first to get on the plane.

Then finally we are herded on, squashed into our seats to be told that the flight has been delayed by three hours but that they wanted us to be ready just in case.