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In response to the Daily Post Tourist


(By Liza & Pip)

There are three pairs of women in the square. Their paths have crossed a few times over the last couple of days, enough to stimulate speculation…

The first pair, probably in their late sixties, were glamorous and well groomed. One in a black shift with big turquoise jewellery and a grey bob had an air of sadness about her. Her companion had a more tailored ex-pat look with longer, more bouffant hair that she probably hadn’t changed in decades. She took an age to eat her meal and talked throughout – was she talking at her friend or was she trying to entertain her? For her part, the companion looked ill at ease and withdrawn. The older woman we named Diana and decided she was a retired actress who lived here all year round. Grace, her visitor, was on holiday recovering from a recent loss although we weren’t sure whether to give Grace a dead husband or an errant one.

The second pair was younger and decidedly dowdier with the same lank brown hair and identical specs. Could they be sisters? We named them Daphne and Pamela and decided they were a Librarian and Finance Assistant respectively. Daphne’s mouth was permanently set in a bitter downward line. Daphne had never found love and so her sister Pamela (who was married to an accountant) had brought her on holiday to find a man.

The third pair were us Rebels and it occurred to us as we invented these women’s histories that they were probably doing the same about us, and wondered what kind of lives they had assigned us. Did they have us pegged as long-term, blog sharing friends looking to shake up our lives? How would we want them to see us? As we actually were I think, two ladies having a good time, laughing a little too loudly. It’s just a shame that the other pairs of ladies were unable to raise even a smile between them.


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