Are You A Slave To Your Feet?

© Patsy Fox – the antithesis of the comfortable shoe

(By Pip)

When I was a girl I would sometimes hear ‘old’ people complain that they were slaves to their feet. “What a silly thing to say” I used to think, not having a clue what they meant by the phrase – sadly I do now! Like many people I have foot problems that restrict the kind of shoes I can wear but am not ready for grandma shoes just yet…

You know the type: sensible, roomy, with buckles or laces to keep your foot firmly in place, and usually beige!  In short, boring and downright ugly.

For years a shoe shopping trip would frequently reduce me to tears and I remember one particularly inglorious Christmas (just before my first foot surgery) when all I could wear over the festive period were men’s walking sandals and thick socks!

But then I discovered Fitflops and suddenly a whole world of funky, colourful yet comfortable shoes lay at my feet (pardon the pun)! At upwards of £80 a pop, they are more than I was accustomed to paying for a pair of shoes but I guess you can’t put a price on comfort. However, it seems that all of Fitflop’s rivals are similarly priced and knowing that this brand works for me, I’m scared of risking the best part of £100 experimenting with something different so until someone can guarantee me pain-free footwear I’m sticking with my favourite yellow Fitflops.