Wedding Present Etiquette


wedding etiquette
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I always feel honoured to be invited to a wedding, it’s such a special occasion for the couple getting married and its extremely expensive to fund, but I can’t help questioning wedding present etiquette, particularly after the story in the news recently about the newly weds who apparently complained about receiving a wedding gift of a £100 from one of their guests. According to the newspaper they felt  that it wasn’t enough. I find this incredible, it can’t be true can it? Surely there is more to this than meets the eye?!

But it did get me thinking about the whole gift giving traditions at weddings.

The old fashioned style gift list was considered a good idea because you knew you were buying something the couple wanted and you could choose something within your price range, and that was acceptable. But it seems to be the norm these days to give money instead of a present and I must say I have wondered what the etiquette is about how much is a reasonable amount to donate to the (presumably) happy couple. I spoke to some colleagues at work who thought that unless you were family, a sum of about £30-40 seemed to be the agreed appropriate amount. I wonder what other people suggest?

I think I would find it difficult to ask for anything at all if I ever got married (which I don’t think will happen!) I appreciate that people like to give a token as I always do, but its not easy to ask for money is it? I wouldn’t want to cause anguish for my guests who might feel pressurised to give a bit more than they could afford. And I certainly wouldn’t appreciate getting an email to say that my gift wasn’t good enough!