Irritated Me

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I couldn’t resist writing a blog about things that irritate me because I’m so intolerant and so many things wind me up!

So where to start on this one.. Well what about new parents and the way they worship their little ones. They seem to be so absorbed with their offspring that they think of nothing else and assume that everybody feels the same about their precious ones. These parents seem to have forgotten the fact that they aren’t the first people in the world to have children and that many of us haven’t got the time or the inclination to dote over theirs. One thing that really gets to me is when I’m trying to get past them on the street. I am sick of getting held up by a parent with their newly walking toddler. They will insist on letting them walk really slowly, while holding their little hands and smiling down lovingly at them oblivious of the massive queue building up behind them, They are completely unaware that anyone else at all exists in the world. Don’t be so selfish!

Another irritation for me is people who have fancy dress parties. Please don’t invite me, they just fill me with dread. I hate them. Don’t you realise what a pain in the arse it is to have to start thinking of something to wear, what an effort it involves? It’s bad enough looking for something ‘normal’ to wear to a party let alone trying to be clever about it too. Apart from the fact that I’m way too cool to dress up in something that makes me look stupid! It may give you a thrill but I find it a bit perverted and not the slightest bit amusing.

And another thing.. I think people over celebrate their birthdays. There is talk of it for weeks beforehand and extravagant plans made for the actual ‘birthday weekend’. Since when did a birthday become a two day affair? Fair enough if it’s a big one I will allow that but ordinary birthdays, no! Also I don’t see the point of a load of people going out for a ‘birthday meal’. It’s a drag sitting there with a load of people you probably don’t get on with or don’t even know, while the birthday boy or girl hasn’t even noticed whether you’re there or not, let alone spoken to you the whole evening. And then you have to go through the motions of who pays for what and you get annoyed because you only had one glass of wine and the vegetarian option but you still have to pay the same as the drunken twats who don‘t have the decency to offer to pay their fair share!

I could go on but I had better shut up before I offend everyone, although I am sure I will be returning to this subject many times!