Am I A Grumpy Old Woman?

In 2004 the BBC began airing a show called Grumpy Old Women in which older female celebrities were given the opportunity to let rip on their pet hates. I remember thinking at the time that it was a bit of a stretch describing the contributors as old, but here I am a decade later entering grumpy old woman territory with a Room 101 list as long as my arm although for the sake of brevity I am only going to share a few here…

from The Guardian

As a serious photographer I hate camera phones with a passion. Whenever I encounter a brilliant photo opportunity you can guarantee that there is a sea of raised arms in front of me each holding a phone aloft ruining – sorry, capturing – the moment before quickly uploading it to social media.

Whilst we are on the subject of social media, another pet peeve is the endless uploads of repetitive and badly taken photographs of a particular event – listen up people, less is more!

Before bombarding Facebook with photos of your night out, recent holiday or your child’s latest birthday party take a bit of time to cull the duplicates and rubbish shots and whittle down your upload to a handful of the best photos that really tell the story.

© Pip Art

Jeggings are another aberration in my book; nobody looks good in them apart from the most gamine of girls! I’m not overly keen on leggings either but I do acknowledge they at least serve a purpose. However, if you are intent on wearing leggings make sure that it is under a dress or long tunic and most importantly make sure they are fully opaque, as I for one have no interest in the colour of your thong.

And don’t you just hate it when you’ve been out for a meal with a group of people and as the bill arrives some bright spark says, “let’s just split it shall we?” Silently you’re fuming – you are driving and therefore only had tap water to drink and you’re on a diet so didn’t have a pudding! But it would sound so churlish to point this out and after all does it really matter that you are paying a tenner more than you should to subsidise the idiot colleague at the end of the table who has drunk his own body weight in red wine?

I’ve even been out for lunch with friends and their children who seem to think that despite the fact that I’m alone, I’m delighted to pay for their kid’s food when they split the bill equally amongst the adults!

So at risk of becoming a pet hate myself, I think that’s enough spleen for now but be warned – I may be back!