Is Domestic Abuse None Of My Business?

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There are some horrific statistics concerning domestic abuse and the fact that 1 in 4 women in England and Wales and 1 in three women globally will suffer some form of abuse in their lifetime is very frightening. According to statistics only 35% of domestic violence is reported to the police. This is very worrying when you consider that 2 women a week in England and Wales are killed by a current or former partner.
I find it extremely sad that so many sufferers don’t report what they are going through, but who can possibly judge someone in such an awful situation. Of course there will be all kinds of reasons why victims decide not to tell anyone, but I suspect one of them is the fear of retaliation from the perpetrators.

Its hard to accept that this is happening to people we know, possibly someone close to us, perhaps a work colleague, our hairdresser or the person serving us in the supermarket.

I sometimes wonder what I would do if I was concerned that someone I knew was being abused in some way by a partner, would I dare to raise my suspicions? Some might say it would be none of my business and that I should respect their privacy. It’s a difficult call, but I think that if it were a friend or colleague I would try really hard to give them every opportunity to confide in me. I would never forgive myself if something dreadful happened and I hadn’t at least tried to help.

Its important that those suffering at the hands of abusers have better access to the support they need, know that they do not need to be living under such torture, that they deserve a better life and that they are not alone.