Changeover Day


Am I the only person who doesn’t have a wardrobe perfectly organised for the changing seasons? Everyone I know seems to be at it, reorganising I mean. I can’t think of many things more anal than to spend hours packing away my winter clothes and unpacking the summer ones in readiness for the warmer weather. How do you decide on that changeover day anyway? And what if the weather takes a turn for the worse (or better) and you have the wrong wardrobe ready to go? Whatever do people do?!

I was recently talking to someone about spring cleaning my oh so muddled wardrobe. They suggested I use the Japanese KonMari method of throwing everything away that doesn’t bring you joy. The problem is I don’t know where to start because if I use that idea I will have literally no clothes left. Having looked through my wardrobe hoping to come across joyfulness, made me realise that I mainly hate my clothes. What made me buy the stuff I have in the first place? Desperation judging by what I’ve found. Isn’t it funny how you can put something on one day and it makes you feel happy and super confident, but try it on a week later and you feel like a frumpy fat pig?!

If I could afford it I would seriously throw the whole lot away and start from scratch.

But where would I go to buy new ones? I don’t really like much in the shops apart from the designer suit I recently found for three grand, ha! Even if I could afford it they don’t make these clothes in ‘real women’ sizes so unless I employ a bespoke dress maker there is no chance. I feel completely lost. I don’t want to look like a chain shop girl and I’m not thin enough or rich enough to go designer.

Oh well I suppose I will just have to resort to slopping about the place in my usual uniform of distinctly unjoyous black slouchy trousers and baggy sweat shirts, until I win the lottery that is.