Beware of the Easter Cake!

Vintage Easter card (3)
I love Easter, for me it symbolises the hope of warmer weather, beautiful flowers and of course chocolate!

There are many traditions I have enjoyed taking part in over the years, from organising egg hunts to trying to outdo my siblings by hoarding my eggs and showing them off after they‘d eaten all theirs!

It’s interesting to hear how special occasions are celebrated in other countries. For example one of the Easter traditions in Slovakia from where my sister in law originates, is for the males to chase the females and gently beat them with homemade coloured whips, or maybe to throw iced water over them, nice! (Apparently this is a symbol of youth, strength and health for the Spring). In return the females give the men gifts like small painted eggs or perhaps an alcoholic drink.

But the most memorable Easter for me was during a holiday in Portugal. We had been invited to visit some Portuguese friends for a drink and some typical local food. Sounds very nice you might think, and it was. Until our host proudly brought in a large cake and proceeded to cut into it. Inside was a surprise, and anyone who knows me well will understand how horrified I was to see a hard boiled egg COMPLETE WITH ITS SHELL, sitting innocently in the middle of the cake. I was very nearly sick on the spot. I will never forget that day.

Anyway being the greedy woman I am, Easter means that my thoughts turn to chocolate and any other food I can get my hands on really. Inevitably I will have been on a diet since January and will have probably given up chocolate for Lent, so it is a wonderful excuse to literally stuff my face! It starts with endless hot cross buns on Good Friday and ends sometime on Bank Holiday Monday when my clothes are starting to shrink… Happy Easter!