Not So Dedicated Follower Of Fashion


I’m not sure how I feel about these ladies fashion magazines that cater for the over 50’s, advising us on how we should dress and where to shop.

I appreciate that some women feel the need to be guided as to what kind of clothes are fashionable and styles that might suit their shape but let me tell you I don’t agree with ‘appropriate for age.’ Why should we as women be dictated to by anyone as to whether a particular outfit is suitable for our age or not?

Yes its getting more and more difficult to find clothes that I want to wear. But I don’t think its because of my age really, there are particular clothes I wouldn’t feel happy in but that’s always been the case irrespective of age.

I think society is slowly catching on to the idea that ladies of all ages might be interested in fashion, but with all the high street shops selling the same kind of clothes and many of the more independent stores closing down, its all becoming so boring. Where is one supposed to go to find outfits that are a bit more imaginative without costing the earth?Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but when I do go shopping I certainly don’t consider my age when I do find something I like.

In my opinion when you try something on, if you look in the mirror, and feel happy with what you see, that’s what’s important, not whether you are too mature to pull it off. Surely it’s a question of what makes an individual feel confident and comfortable whatever their size, shape or age.

I say bollocks to wearing what you think is acceptable to others and dress in what the hell you like!