I Used To Be Scared Of Pies


I have always been obsessed with pies, you could say I was scared of them. There are two particular pies that have had the most impact on my life.

My first encounter with one was when my mother used to read the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence to me. In the book was a picture of a pie with blackbird heads peeping out of it. I remember wondering how the cook had got live birds under the pastry, how cruel it was to bake the poor things and why would anyone want to eat them.

The other pie that affected my life was the cow pie that Desperate Dan would always be illustrated eating, with horns sticking out of it, so of course I thought there was a cows head lying dead under the pie lid.

I think I was traumatised by both of those images, they have probably greatly contributed to me becoming a vegetarian from a young age!

Anyway I have overcome my fear of pies, I’m way too greedy to deny myself such a delight. I adore a good cheese and onion pie or perhaps a feta and spinach one if I’m feeling a bit adventurous, served with mashed potato for a real ’carb blow out.’ But can I just say to all those chefs out there, please don’t present me with one of those pretentious deconstructed ones that looks like its been dropped on the floor, I do like my pie in one piece with a lid on it, but I definitely don’t want anything bird or animal like sticking out of it thanks.