Is International Women’s Day A Bit Dated?


One of the subjects I have been trying to write a post about for our blog is ‘respecting and valuing difference’. This is one of the topics that ‘International Women’s Day’ has suggested needing to be tackled in its ‘Gender Parity’ pledge. Well I have been struggling with what to say about it. If I was honest I’ve become a bit disillusioned with the whole concept, dare I say I find the idea a bit dated!

It occurred to me the reason being that everything I have tried to write is stating the obvious, preaching to the converted. Depending on where in the world you are living of course.

It would make sense to say that our upbringing and culture have a huge influence on how we treat each other as human beings. In many cultures men and women are treated very differently from the day they are born. I personally know families where the female children are considered as less important, the weaker sex, they are desperate for a male child to pass on their legacy. Yes these attitudes need to change, but I think they are, slowly but surely and if you look back to how IWD was started, one reason was to help improve working conditions for women and men. We are all struggling to make progress and improve this world, we should remember that everyone is different regardless of gender and it is important that we work together as human beings and embrace our diversity as males and females.