Dawson Creek Pie

Rebel In A Tutu’s support of International Women’s Day is taking a break today with something a little more light hearted in celebration of National Pie Week (7th – 13th March).

adapted from a drawing by Brett Kellett

Ours was not a household full of junk food or snacks. Takeaways were a luxury reserved for payday and on the rare occasion that a packet of biscuits found its way into the house, it was pounced on with excitement and lasted about 30 seconds!

We were the kind of family that ate around the table each night and no-one left that table until everyone had finished. Each child was allowed one dish that they refused to eat and apart from that if they didn’t like what was on their plate, the rule was that they had to eat one mouthful for each year of their age.

But we did have one exception that lives on in the annals of time and who knows could even become a tradition when my children have families of their own.

Friday night was Dawson Creek Pie night…

Dawson Creek Pie was actually a shop bought Marks & Spencer chicken pie, which we ate with mash (or oven chips if I was feeling particularly lazy), tinned sweet corn and gravy, on our knees in front of the TV watching – yes you’ve guessed it – Dawson Creek!

Almost twenty years on I don’t remember just which of us renamed it Dawson Creek Pie and who cares – it is still a fond little memory. One that that makes me well with nostalgia when I think back now to the simpler days before girl/boyfriends, university, careers and house prices reared their ugly heads, when my kids – fresh-faced and (relatively) innocent – were on the cusp of adolescence.