Being a Mother

© Liza Widdowson

Its quite something becoming a mother. From the moment I left the maternity ward with each of my three brand new babies, I had an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I could barely believe that I had been deemed capable enough to take care of something so precious, but you just have to get on with it, and as the old cliché goes no one teaches you how to be a mother, you just have to use your instinct and hope for the best!

I am lucky enough to have a close relationship with my own wonderful mother, she is caring and supportive but has also encouraged me to be an independent thinker, something that has been passed down to my own children through her.

But it’s been a constant worry as the children have grown up, am I a good enough mother? Do I deserve the title? Have I taught them correctly, given them the right advice, protected them enough, given them enough freedom so that they can think for themselves? Can they answer their own questions so that they feel confident enough to go out into the world and cope on their own? These are all fears that I’m sure most mothers have faced, we all have similar anxieties where our children are concerned, as we nurture them and watch them grow up.

I have always been conscious of being too close to them, worried that it was unhealthy. But I needn’t have worried. I like to think I have a very strong bond with each of them and they have certainly evolved into amazing, independent adults who I am extremely proud of and I feel privileged to be called their mother.