Is Unkindness Infectious?

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I have experienced many acts of kindness for sure, but I have also experienced acts of unkindness, both within a single hour on one occasion.

My car broke down at 6:30 am one morning on a busy road, I was standing next to my car looking a bit helpless in my NHS uniform, quite obviously on my way to work, the traffic building up but no one offered any assistance for about half an hour until finally a lovely man, in a white van I might add, stopped and tried his best to help me get the car going, unfortunately to no avail, so he gestured to the cars queuing to pass by for someone to stop and help push it off the road and clear the traffic building up. Even though I was in tears by this point, most people wouldn’t make eye contact with us and they just drove on past. Eventually between the two of us we got it off the road and so the traffic was able to continue normally.

I was touched by the man who did his best to help me, an act of kindness indeed, but was equally astonished by the lack of kindness by the rest of the general public that morning who made the decision not to show a fellow human being any goodwill. I’m sure they all had their reasons for not helping and maybe some of them actually felt a bit guilty, but I hope the man in the van felt good about himself, his kindness made my day.



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  1. I live by my mother’s maxim of, ‘Hope for the best, expect the worst and make the best of what comes’. I try as much as possible to do good deeds and help people out, but occasionally it has blown up in my face and makes me more wary of offering help to strangers. The other point is that men can be viewed with suspicion when offering to help, so perhaps thats why they don’t.

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