I’m Off To A Gig, Where’s My Leather Jacket?

© Music Dish
Warning warning midlife crisis imminent…The first sign is the purchasing of a leather jacket, followed by a ‘trendy’ new haircut or maybe a tattoo, then joining a ukulele evening class and announcing that you are “going to more gigs this year, maybe even a festival”. This is what happens once the children have left home and you have more time on your hands, time to do a bit of soul searching and becoming aware of your own mortality,  you want to reconnect with your more youthful self etc…

On the other hand if like myself you have never stopped going to watch live music, then you might be offended by the mere suggestion that going to a gig is the sign of a midlife crisis. I for one have never felt out of place at any gig and I have certainly been to a few. But you must admit its difficult not to snigger when you see ‘an older person’ head for the mosh pit losing complete control, jumping around like a lunatic, oblivious to the pretty young things muttering ‘loser’ under their breath.

So what is the etiquette at a music venue if you are over a certain age? I reckon dress like a teenager if you must, sport the obligatory leather jacket if it helps, but remember, only a gentle nodding of the head with your hands in your jeans pockets (or your leather trousers if you’re really suffering) is acceptable, and if you insist on moving other parts of your body, please stand in the dark at the back, where you’ll find me gently swaying in time with the music, a serious look on my face, pretending I‘m a journalist.