The Unknown Blues

Imagine if there was a way of accurately predicting the day of your death on the day of your birth.  It could be noted on your birth certificate and you could have the option to be told or not…

Imagine all those adventures that you may have passed on because if you were honest you were too scared of something dreadful happening. Would it encourage you take on opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered? Or would it send you into a deep depression as the clock ticked on. How would you live your last day?

I really believe that too many of us seem to roll into a predictable life forced partly by the way society steers us, through TV, magazines, the internet etc. The problem is we all need somewhere to live, clothes to wear, food to eat and therefore a job, in order to provide these basics and with that job comes routine, in order to sustain the lifestyle. So how possible is it to break that cycle?

What if you went to the registry office at the age of say 45 and asked to know what date you were going to kick the bucket?

My point is does it need to be such a massive wake up call to kick start a less mundane lifestyle? I know it’s a cliché but surely there’s a lot to be said for living each day as if it were your last . (Impossible? I don’t think so!)



3 thoughts on “The Unknown Blues

  1. I think we just need to make small changes like walking a different way home just so we might see something different or making a new recipe, if we have a bit of extra time that day! It sounds a bit corny but its forcing the unexpected, however small. I would like to be the sort of person who decides to go and live in another country, just for the hell of it but I am not brave so I will stick to making a new meal!!!

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  2. Lisa … you don’t need to know when you’re going to die to live life to the full … you’re maybe already living a life more interesting than others… you know I honestly believe that the ordinary can be extraordinary.. 😍

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